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When an english lesson turns into a campaign...

Because of our current topic “human rights“, our teacher Mr. Kipp told us to initiate a campaign about a problem in the field of the right to education. Our group decided to do a campaign on the individual and personal encouragement in German kindergartens.

In the course of this campaign we did a survey in which we asked other pupils about their opinion to get to know the topic better and to listen to some other opinions. Almost everybody said, that there are too few male kindergarten-teachers. 96% of the German kindergarten-teachers are female, so this is really a problem.

But there are not only not enough male kindergarten-teachers, but not enough educators in general: In Germany there is an average proportion of 9.6 pupils per kindergarten-teacher, but experts say that there has to be an average proportion of 7.5 pupils per kindergarten-teacher. And this is a very big problem because one kindergarten-teacher cannot take care of ten children simultaneously. The results are boredom and no encouragement.

Two possible reasons for the reluctance to pcik up the profession as a a kindergarten-teacher could be that lots of parents have prejudices against male kindergarten-teachers and of course the low income.

A solution could be a higher national grant to attract more people to the job of a kindergarten-teacher. Then they could get higher wages and it would be possible to build more kindergartens in Germany.

The consequences will be more kindergarten-teachers, a better individual encouragement and enough places for young children.

Max & Yannick, 9a