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Laughter, groaning and sighing stirred the ranks

Great acting paired with magnificent wit and fabulous poetry delighted an audience of mostly students in the recently staged MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at the Kammerspiele Bad Godesberg.

Laughter, groaning and sighing stir the ranks when Boracchio acts out a conversation he had, when Benedick overhears Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio or when Claudio and Hero share a romantic moment at her window.

Poetry and other forms of art such as music are virtously combined; the atmosphere of marriage is brought up by singing “ding ding dong” while the live sounds of a clarinet add mood to more exciting moments with a lot of movement. The dance moves, which leave something to be desired, are being made up for by stunning vocals. The dull watchmen – eager to execute any of Dogberry´s commands – first take a member of the audience onto stage and then make the audience stand up and immediately sit down again, followed by laughter. Another highlight is when Boracchio, being overheard by the watchmen, explains how he tricked the Prince Don Pedro and Claudio, underlining his explanations with gestures of hilarious fidgetiness including the Gangnam Style.

Emotionally convincing was the "older" love couple consisting of Beatrice (brilliantly acted) and Benedick. The two fleshed-out characters succeeded to both entertain and touch the audience. Also the younger love couple, Hero and Claudio, provided scenes of romance and drama, although not as dramatic and tragic as it might have been expected. Claudio´s actor delivered another great performance as Hero´s gentlewoman Magaret. Delightfully he managed to present the perfect version of a gay best-friend. The ironic presentation of evil Don John frequently patting a cat was a brilliant satire of the character of an evil mastermind, as can be found in movies such as James Bond.

All in all, the American Drama Group & TNT Theatre Britain performed confidently and quite entertainingly.

Clara von Glasow, Q2